Save Our Stage

Dear Music Hall Friends,

Our historic, nonprofit theater is committed to serving the cultural needs of our community. Music, theater and engaging conversations — these are forces of nature that nothing can stop!

We’ve moved as much programming as possible offstage and online. We’re providing virtual theater arts workshops for kids through our Music Hall Academy and we’re providing livestream performance opportunities for artists from our iconic stage. Night-In With The Music Hall is a curated, livestream series on Wednesdays at 7pm. The program features an eclectic mix of extraordinary musicians in the acoustic, blues, folk, jazz, rock, and singer-songwriter musical genres. The series helps to raise funds to support our theater and share revenue with talented musicians who bring us together with their music.

We’ve been closed now for over a year and we remain without the ticket income we rely on to reinvest in our programs. Only with continued support will we be able to withstand our extended closure and begin to prepare for reopening.

3 Ways To Save Our Stage

  • Make a Donation of Cash or Stock Your tax deductible contribution is essential to keeping The Music Hall viable while we are without the ticket income we rely on to reinvest in our theater.
  • Become a Member Your membership will ensure that The Music Hall will be here to get the music playing again.
  • Corporate Support & Participation Through our Key To The Future52 Angels, and tailor-made sponsorship programs, your business can support The Music Hall. You also support the musicians who inspire us, our regional economy and our community. Your business will enjoy visibility and good-will all around! 

We are extremely thankful to everyone who has made a contribution to save our stage during this challenging time. Members, sponsors, community partners, friends, artists, and our team of amazing volunteers – we feel the love!

Music heals. The arts help us grow. And our community is proving that many hands, even when far apart, can still work together, take care of each other, and accomplish so much.

Keep the music in your heart and know that we miss you!

With Gratitude,
The Music Hall Team

New Charitable Tax Deduction Rules: The Federal Government’s CARES ACT {sections 2204 & 2205} has changed rules so that individual donors can now take an above-the-line charitable deduction of up to $300 without having to itemize taxes. For other individual donors, 100% of individual cash gifts can now be deducted against adjusted gross income. For corporations, the 10% limitation is increased to 25% of taxable income.

Matching Gifts: Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match most charitable contributions made by their employees. If your company has a match program you may be able to double or triple your gift!

The Music Hall is owned, operated & loved by The Friends Of The Mozartina, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. Tax ID: 13-3020574