Unexplained happenings and paranormal activity have been experienced at our 136-year-old historic theater.


Lights mysteriously turning back on after closing. The eerie sound of an unknown singer performing vocal scales in the wings after hours. High-profile artists refusing to stay in one particular dressing room because they “sensed a presence.”

Who or what could be the cause? Our “balcony to backstage” guided ghost tour will reveal what we’ve discovered about the secrets of our theater, its intriguing history and the ghostly guests who still linger…

Gotham Paranormal Research Society has investigated our theater several times. They revealed fascinating findings about the paranormal activity at our theater, including intriguing EVP (electronic voice phenomena) audio files and EMF (electromagnetic field) readings that synch up with known ‘hot spots’ in our theater. The Music Hall is also an official site on the Haunted History Trail of New York State.

For information about our Ghost Tours of The Music Hall contact Sheila Emery Murphy at smurphy@tarrytownmusichall.org.

Ghost Tour of The Music Hall – Official Trailer

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