A Message From Our Executive Director

Björn Olsson - Executive Director

Dear Friends Of The Music Hall,

Hope this note finds you as well as can be, in these extraordinary times.

I have been blessed to be the Director of this magical place for almost two decades now, and our circle of friends and benefactors has kept growing and enabled us to become a major regional performing arts venue, launch The Music Hall Academy and invest millions in upgrading our beloved 135 year-old historic landmark.

As so many organizations and businesses in our community we now find ourselves in a struggle for our very survival, perhaps the most dramatically important year in the story of The Music Hall since it was rescued from the wrecking ball in 1980, and probably the most crucial challenge during my time here. Our staff and board are rallying to ensure that we can not only stay afloat until theaters are allowed to reopen, but also for a long road back to the countless sold out shows we had grown so used to.

Under this cloud of uncertainty we are working to reschedule existing shows and book new ones so that we are ready when the “all clear” is sounded. We know you anticipate this day as intensely as we and all our artists do. If anything, this “pause” has made it so obvious how unique the magic is that happens when real people perform for real people, in real time. Can’t beat it.

The Music Hall’s survival will also be crucial to restaurants, retail stores and hotels in the area. Without the economic engine a downtown theater provides, Tarrytown and surrounding towns may never be quite the same again.

So, in this time, where so many important causes need your support, what will The Music Hall require to be able to be here for you on the far side of the pandemic? Our biggest revenue source by far has always been our ticket sales, the force of so many wanting to experience a performance here. This source has vanished for the time being. We are in the process of applying for various forms of disaster funding, which will definitely help, but most of this money will be loans, which we have to pay back, and so far very little has actually reached us to date.

Can you help us? As always, contributions are tax deductible, even more so right now than usual since as part of disaster aid, deductions are now allowed even for individuals normally using the standard deductions. Every dollar counts, for us and for you.

New Charitable Tax Deduction Rules: The Federal Government’s CARES ACT {sections 2204 & 2205} has changed rules so that individual donors can now take an above-the-line charitable deduction of up to $300 without having to itemize taxes. For other individual donors, 100% of individual cash gifts can now be deducted against adjusted gross income. For corporations, the 10% limitation is increased to 25% of taxable income.

If you are able to be there for us right now, we will be able to be here for you for the foreseeable future.

We wish you continued safety and health, and hold all you all in our hearts, especially those who may have experienced loss or suffering as a result of this tragic crisis.

With Appreciation,

Björn Olsson
Executive Director