Covid-19 Policies

Updated: 10/13/22

Dear Music Hall Patrons,

As of April 1 2022, we have not had any covid restrictions for patrons for MOST shows. We recommend N95/KN95 masks for strong, personal protection. 

PLEASE NOTE: Covid restrictions are subject to change, rules in place the day of an event will be enforced so please check the show listing on the Shows and Tickets page to be sure there are no added requirements.

The  HVAC systems have been retrofitted with high grade filters, ionization equipment and additional fresh air intakes to continuously sanitize the theater. 

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Please do not attend performances if you are experiencing any symptoms or know you have recently been exposed to a Covid positive person. For the duration of the pandemic, we will offer full refunds for any covid-related reason upon request. Contact the box office at BEFORE the performance takes place to request a refund. Requests made after the start of the performance will not be honored.