Submitting Your Videos

Aladdin Jr. A KJK Production


Please submit two videos:

1. Select ONE vocal selection from the Lyrics & Lines page and sing with the corresponding accompaniment below:

While the camera is still rolling, recite the line from one of the characters on the Lyrics & Line page.

2. Sing, dance or read something of your choice, showcasing your personality and skills.

1. At the beginning of the video:
     a. Tell us your full name
     b. Tell us which song you will be singing
     c. Tell us whose line you will be reading
2. The recording MUST be filmed horizontally (landscape)
3. Include your full body in the frame.
4. Make sure your voice is not drowned out by the accompaniment.
5. Although memorization is encouraged, it is not necessary – just be sure the paper is not covering your face.

For more information, contact The Music Hall at