Nicki Miller

Aerial Silks

Nicki Miller is an interdisciplinary poetic storyteller and educator based in and around NYC. Her work as a movement coach spans 15 years as a NASM certified personal trainer and over a decade of performing and coaching aerial silks and rope throughout the US. Since 2020, Nicki’s teaching has evolved to include an emphasis on the intersections of imagination, somatics, and neuroplasticity with movement rehab and technique. Learn more at

As an artist, Nicki is most known for her work as co-founding artistic director of Only Child Aerial Theatre and co-creator of Sticks & Stone with Benjamin E. Oyzon. As a freelance artist, Nicki works with theatre, opera, and dance companies to integrate aerial rigging and choreography into their storytelling in imaginative and dramaturgically informed ways. She also works as an actor, aerial dancer and movement artist for theatre and film. She is currently an MFA candidate in Theatre at Sarah Lawrence College. Learn more at