Structural project


Our recent restoration has secured our building for the foreseeable future! Click for more...




$1.5 Mil restoration project lays foundation for future.

The Music Hall recently underwent a major restoration project, and yet you may not even notice it at your next show! We added foundations, exit doors, improved fire escapes, a new roof, drainage, paving and a number of improvements that were crucial to secure the future of our wonderful landmark building. Scroll down to view some pictures of the work on the North Wall to see the amazing improvement. We had to dig deep to finance this work, please consider a tax deductible donation to help us build our reserves back up, thank you! Click here for more info.






The auditorium section of the Music Hall is constructed primarily out of wood, and had been resting on a rubble foundation for some 130 years until the 2014 project replaced it with reinforced concrete. Meyer Construction hoisted up the building on what resembled giant saw horses, stripped out the old foundation and poured the new in its place, before gently setting the building down on the new, solid wall. The original rubble stones were then used to cover the concrete to retain the historic appearance. At the same time, we added drainage to get water away from the building, insulation and fresh coats of plaster and paint. 


North Wall Before


Shoring up the wall, and removing old foundation:




The top layers are added for insulation and looks:




North Wall AfterSITE


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