Facilities Person

Facilities Maintenance Person


The Music Hall is a modern concert venue in an 1885 landmark building. There is always a balance to strike between the needs of 21st century patrons, staff and artists in terms of comfort and accessibility and the loving preservation of one of Westchester’s most beloved historic structures. The theater is owned and operated by a non profit organization.


The Facilities Manager will be responsible for overall maintenance, janitorial functions and day to day facility management of the Tarrytown Music Hall and related buildings to ensure their safe and efficient operation.




1. Initiates, implements, and manages a facilities maintenance program based on best practices established by management with an emphasis on efficiency and preventative maintenance.


2. Be knowledgeable of and maintain building systems including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, show lighting & control, access control, and other related systems.


3. Performs routine checks to ensure proper efficiency of basic systems and keep detailed documentation.


4. Maintains relationships with service providers for building systems and scheduling necessary repairs.


5. Oversees contractors and vendors servicing the facilities.


6. Develops and updates action plans for implementation during severe weather conditions, including snow removal, de-icing, etc.


7. Maintains grounds of the facilities to ensure a safe work environment for employees, tenants, guests, and visitors. These tasks include general upkeep, miscellaneous painting, changing filters, re-lamping, etc.


8. Maintains communication and is available for on-call responsibilities for any after-hours facility emergency.


9. Supervises and evaluates maintenance workers who will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the facilities, including maintenance and cleaning of restrooms, common areas, recycling and trash disposal.


12. Other duties as assigned by Management.




  • -“Handyman-skills”
    • Knowledgeable in at least basic carpentry, plumbing, electricity etc.
    • Able to learn how to maintain theater-specific items such as seating, rigging, etc.
  • Administrative skills
    • Ability to keep all necessary files, plans, inventory lists REALLY well organized and up to date documents available at all time.
    • Ability to project manage and coordinate at least smaller construction project, including assisting with grant tracking and reporting for facility upgrade and restoration projects.
    • Strong computer skills, office related software.
  • Other
    • Basic IT skills for setting up computers, printers and other office equipment.


Living locally is not a requirement, but is an advantage, since it improves fast response for various emergency calls.

The position is full time, schedule can be irregular but also flexible.


The Music Hall staff, crew and volunteers are a dedicated, fun group of people who share a strong love for this unique place.

Want to join us? Send a resume and a note to Executive Director Bjorn Olsson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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