The historic Tarrytown Music Hall has joined forces with theater educator Peter Royston in creating The Music Hall Academy under the motto “Art For Life.” Based on traditional concepts of creative mentorship, tThe Music Hall Academy provides young people with an artistic home where they can develop vital life skills through the performing arts, learning from theater professionals, theater educators, members of the community and from each other. Providing an arts education in a real working theater, The Music Hall Academy immerses young people via a curriculum for theater-making, including set, costume, lighting, directing, playwriting and tech, as well as acting, song and dance. Academy students explore all the different parts of the theater in an open and nurturing  environment.

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Choose a one-week themed workshop or one day of theater games and improvisation!  Each week is broken up into separate groups for Grades 2-3, Grades 4-5, Middle School and High School.   We will accept single day signup for some week-long sessions pending space available .

Program Date Time Instructors Fee
LEGENDS WEEK June 25 – June 29 Grades 2-4: 9am-3pm
Grades 4-6: 9am-3pm
Grades 7-12: noon-6pm
Alex Krames
David Neilsen
Megan Meirano
$420 Register Now!
Limit: 30 students/session
Be a legend this week! Rehearse and perform an entire story based on a myth, legend or folktale – all in one week! – then perform it on the Music Hall stage. Create props, set pieces and costumes for your story – hone your storytelling skills! No day sessions available this week.
TECH DAY Mon, JULY 2 Grades 2-4: 9am-3pm
Grades 4-6: 9am-3pm
Grades 7-12: noon-6pm
Megan Corkrum
Colton Suarez
$85 Register Now!
Limit: 30 students/session
Spend this hands-on day behind the scenes at the Music Hall learning what it takes to make a performance on stage look fantastic, all from the professionals at the Music Hall. Students will learn how to create an environment and atmosphere for scenes using a variety of technical elements and techniques, and bring them to life on the Music Hall stage!
DANCE DAY Tues, JULY 3 Grades 2-4: 9am-3pm
Grades 4-6: 9am-3pm
Grades 7-12: noon-6pm
Joel Sherry $85 Register Now!
Limit: 30 students/session
Enjoy a day of wild dance making and on-your-feet storytelling as you learn choreography experiments and techniques from local modern dance company teatolocal, and perform an original piece on the Music Hall stage! No experience is needed – just an itch to get up on your feet and DANCE!
IMPROV DAY Thu July 5 Grades 2-3, 9am-3pm
Grades 4-6, 9am-3pm
Grades 7-12, noon-6pm
 Stacey Bone-Gleason $85/day Register Now!
Limit: 30 students/session/day
Say “YES!” and spend the day learning basic techniques of improvisation and playing hilarious improv games that hone your ability to think on your feet while having tons of fun! Featuring local teaching artist Stacey Bone-Gleason!
STAGE COMBAT WEEK July 9 – 13 Grades 2-3 M-F, 9am-3pm
Grades 4-6 M-F, 9am-3pm
Grades 7-12 M-F, noon-6pm
$420.00 Register Now!
Limit: 30 students/session
En garde! The fight is on this week as students learn the perfectly safe but thrilling art of Stage Combat! Under the watchful eye of a trained and licensed Stage Combat specialist, kids will develop the concentration and patience needed to portray hand-to-hand stage combat and sword-work. Younger kidswill develop and perform short plays using their stage combat training; older kids will work on scenes from William Shakespeare that are heavy on the mayhem!
MUSICAL THEATER WEEK July 16-20 Grades 2-3 M-F, 9am-3pm
Grades 4-6 M-F, 9am-3pm
Grades 7-12 M-F, noon-6pm
Maria Jacobi $420.00 Register Now!
Limit: 30 students/session
Local favorite Maria Jacobi returns to the area for this very special musical week! Each group produces its own musical this week: the younger kids work short shows based on science, the older kids fashion their own cabarets, but everyone learns the basics of musical theater, including voice work, songwriting, orchestration, and movement/choreography.

AUGUST 2018: SHAKESPEARE INTENSIVE- A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare’s most magical play comes to life on the Music Hall stage in three different sessions which rehearse separately then come together to perform this Shakespeare classic on the Music Hall stage! Along with acting in this beautiful and funny play, students will create the costume, set and lighting design, experiencing the total theater process from on the boards to behind the boards, engaging with the whole process of creating a play.

Program Date Time Instructors Fee
SHAKESPEARE TEEN INTENSIVE Aug 6th – Aug 24 Grades 7-12, Noon – 6pm  Rik Wolter $1200 Register Now!
Limit: 20 students
Young people will work with Shakespeare experts and theater educators to create the unforgettable leading characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Movement, singing and stage combat classes are included, along with opportunities to create Sets, Costumes and Lighting design for the production!
SHAKESPEARE COMEDY WORKSHOP Aug 6th – Aug 24 Grades 4-6, 9am – 3pm  Maria Taylor $1200 Register Now!
Limit: 15 students
Working with professional storytellers and theater educators, students will use improvisation, physical comedy, song and dance to explore and create the comic characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Set, costume and lighting design work is included!
SPIRIT WORKSHOP Aug 6th – Aug 24 Grades 2-3, 9am – 3pm  Alex Krames $1200 Register Now!
Limit: the more the merrier!
In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the Spirits of the Forest come to life in dance, song, magic and mischief! The Spirit Workshop brings the spirits of the play – who are present in almost every scene! – to magical life using dance, singing, movement and beginner’s stage combat! Along with joining a three-week all day session that magically integrates all of the arts, kids will take field trips into the natural environs around the Music Hall for inspiration!


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After a career creating educational materials and programs in which he wrote over 50 study guides for Broadway, Off-Broadway and touring productions, and co-founded Broadway Classroom, the educational theater program for, Peter Royston has spent fifteen years as a well-known theater educator in Westchester. Through various organizations and school districts, he has directed countless in-school theater residencies and productions of musicals, plays and Shakespeare with young people of all ages. A certified New York State drama teacher, Mr. Royston has a Masters in Theater Education from the City College of New York.



“How fabulous for the Music Hall and for the whole 10591 community to have this blossoming academy–both to nurture the kids’ creativity and theatrical skills (on all fronts, it seems!) and to help cultivate the next generation of theater lovers and supporters. So bravo to you! We’re excited to be a part of this endeavor from the get go and will support the program in every way we can moving forward.”